Morning Read: ‘Is It a Blatant Attempt to Get the Gay Vote?’

Bill Thompson took a hit on the Daily News cover today. (Photo: Newseum)

Bill Thompson took a hit on the Daily News cover today. (Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Care What Everyone Thinks.”

The front page of the Daily News took a piece out of former Comptroller Bill Thompson for his role in the CityTime scandal, a bungled project aiming to modernize the city’s payroll system: “His top lieutenants were told repeatedly about the soaring costs … Yet, of the 626 audits Thompson’s office conducted in his eight years as controller, none looked at CityTime.”

New York took a look at Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s bid, asking, “He’s the highest-minded liberal in the race—but are his concerns too rarefied for most New Yorkers?” The piece further claims that private polling shows he is “the only candidate to gain ground since Weiner entered the race.”

While Saturday’s New York Times went deep into Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s volunteer operation and found a bit of a dark side: “Ms. Westrope … was surrounded by a group of men who made sexually explicit remarks to her. When she sought permission to leave her post, she was told by a superior to stay in the neighborhood knocking on doors, then encouraged by a higher-ranking volunteer to develop a ‘thick skin,’ she recalled.”

Not all of Ms. Quinn’s supporters were on message about about former Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s candidacy. “We … are incredibly worried, totally worried about Anthony Weiner,” said SEIU 32BJ President Hector Figueroa. “People are giving [him] the benefit of the doubt … We need to stop Anthony, and I believe if progressive Democrats start to look at the race that way, they are going to come to the same conclusion.”

And the News profiled Mr. Weiner’s occasionally colorful pants: “Weiner has been breaking out the brights — red and blue pants — on the trail. And while it doesn’t seem to be hurting him — Weiner vaulted into the lead among Democrats last week in polls — the move has people questioning his bottom line, literally. ‘Is it a blatant attempt to get the gay vote?’ menswear designer Jeffrey Banks asked.”

New York Post columnist Kyle Smith went there, unloading as many innuendo-laced puns as he could to make the argument that a Weiner administration would be a giant joke:

Anthony Weiner knew he faced a stiff challenge, that he’d be a lightning rod for jokes while getting the shaft from the press. But after blowing a load of money on campaign research, now he’s a big thing. Polling of the electorate shows a rapid rise in his fortunes, he’s still got a huge wad of cash in the bank and New York City voters are starting to say he’s a stand-up guy with an impressive package of ideas. Last week, he exploded in the polls, finishing first in one and a close second in another. Now that he’s officially a member of the political club again, you know he’s got a feeling deep in his loins that it’s time to whip out his true self and act like the cock of the walk on the third leg of his career. If there were anyplace you could smoke anymore, he’d be puffing a Winston and asking New York, “Did you feel the Earth move?”