New Site Helps You Realize Your Dream of Sharing a Hotel Room With a Gross Stranger

Oh god, what if they snore?

That empty bed could be a stranger's. (Photo: Examiner)

That empty bed could be a stranger’s. (Photo: Examiner)

If the threat of semen-soaked remote controls, bed bugs and USA Today being your only newspaper option didn’t scare you away from hotel stays, Easynest may turn you into a homebody: The new website matches you with complete strangers with whom you can share your room.

Since the sharing economy hasn’t reached its peak yet, the free service (your life is enough of an investment) said it’s an attempt to thwart hotel rates that are based on double occupancy, even when only one person books a room. (“Share Cost. Make Friends,” the website gleefully exclaims.)

USA Today writes that it has 400 members who actually created profiles and searched for others who wanted to split a room with them. After signing up, you and the host (a.k.a the room booker) agree on dates, costs, and presumably a la carte items like which softcore Cinemax movies to cue up on the TV.

We searched New York and found there’s only one person willing to split a midtown hotel room for $100. Or, ya know you could just stay at a hostel and pretend you’re European for the weekend.

(H/T Skift)