New York Galleries Switch to Summer Hours, Holiday Hours

'Cathedrals of Wall Street' (1939), by Florine Stettheimer. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

‘Cathedrals of Wall Street’ (1939), by Florine Stettheimer. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Folks, just a reminder that, with the arrival of July, many New York galleries have shifted from a Tuesday-through-Saturday schedule to a Monday-through-Friday one, to allow employees to enjoy weekend getaways. And Lower East Side galleries, which are typically open Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday, are doing all sorts of interesting things with their hours. (Though, to be sure, some intrepid dealers are staying open through Saturday or Sunday, as usual.)

With July 4 falling on a Thursday this year, this all gets even more complicated, and galleries are making all sorts of decisions about whether to be open on Friday, July 5, and the weekend.

Point being, give art galleries you’re planning to visit a ring before stopping by this summer, and especially this week. It hurts to show up to see an exhibition and find it closed. It’s happened to me. It’s not a good feeling.