Slideshow: Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo’s White-Water Rafting Adventure

  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo hit the rapids today for the inaugural Adirondack white-water rafting challenge. While Team Bloomberg put in a valiant effort, Team Cuomo managed to eek out a victory, with a winning time of 18 minutes and 31 seconds–18 seconds faster than the mayor. To the left you can find some of our favorite images from the day.

  • Mayor Bloomberg's raft. (AP via Twitter)

  • Cuomo and Bloomberg before the race. (Photo: Twitter/@NYGovCuomo)

  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo before the race. (Photo: Flicker/@howiewolf)

  • Mayor Bloomberg facing the rapids. (Flickr/governorandrewcuomo)

  • Gov. Cuomo and his team paddling to victory. (Photo: Flickr/goverorandrewcuomo)

  • Team Cuomo crossing the finish line. (Photo: Flickr/governorandrewcuomo)

  • Michael Bloomberg riding the waves. (Photo: Flickr/governorandrewcuomo)

  • Mayor Bloomberg takes a dip after his white-water adventure. (Photo: Flickr/governorandrewcuomo) is now part of We're bringing you more political news, as well as culture, style, real estate and opinion.

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