Sorry, New York, But the South and West Are Whupping Us at Airbnb Hospitality

"Conspicuously absent are big cities and the Northeast."

Charming as hell but kinda busy right now.  (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Charming as hell but kinda busy right now. (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Let’s say you’d like to go on a little excursion, but only the most charming Airbnb hosts will suit your discerning tastes. In that case, according to numbers crunched by the company’s own resident data nerds, you’ll probably want to cast your eyes to the West or South.

Airbnb looked at the rates of five-star reviews from guests who stayed in private rooms, rather than renting a whole apartment or house. The top three cities: Tampa, Florida, Mendocino, California, and Eugene, Oregon. Also in the top ten were Raleigh, Nashville, Memphis and Lake Tahoe. “Conspicuously absent are big cities and the Northeast,” says Airbnb, adding that “in aggregate, they are outshined by our Southern and Western hosts.”

Don’t feel too bad, though:

“The list can be interpreted many ways; another lens we could use is age and employment. These are generally locations with big retirement and/or college communities, two groups of people with limited income and more free time.”

We’re not rude, just busy, okay? OKAY? STEP OFF, BITCH.

Alternatively: Maybe hosts in the biggest cities know they’ve got a hot commodity and they don’t have to go the extra mile. Either that, or they’re just too nervous about getting busted for operating an illegal hotel.