Sunset Strip: Manhattanhenge Gets Its Own Map to Help You Schedule Your Incessant Instagramming

Last week, cloudy weather spoiled this year’s Manhattanhenge, the twice-annual phenomenon when the setting sun perfectly aligns with Manhattan’s east-west grid, affording a clear view of the sunset between skyscrapers.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Instagram event of the year.

Manhattanhenge. (Getty)

Manhattanhenge. (Getty)

But now there’s reason to rejoice. Mapmakers CartoDB realized that as all neighborhoods have a slightly different alignment, there are technically multiple “henge days” throughout the year. With NYCHenge, the company has created a stylish interactive map that predicts the “mini-henges” that occur throughout the city on various dates.

The map extends to Brooklyn as well; “you can start a new day like GreenpiontHenge or ParkslopeHenge at the next meeting of the Brooklyn Vermiculturists,” Carto DB suggests in a blog post. We’ll consider it.

(H/T The Atlantic Cities)