Terrifying Device Transmits Messages Into Innocent Commuters’ Skulls

This is some Lord Voldemort shit.

Even this paid actor is far from stoked about it. (Screengrab: YouTube)

Even this paid actor is far from stoked about it. (Screengrab: YouTube)

When riding on the train or subway, maybe you have thought, “This experience would be better if I had someone else’s words — or worse, ads — being beamed into my head by a window.”

Well, you’re in luck, because BBDO Düsseldorf has developed technology that can transmit sounds into commuters’ skulls when they rest their heads on train windows. FINALLY!

A promo video for the devious device shows a bunch of paid actors looking aghast and disgusted when the messages begin beaming into their heads via plate-glass.

“Tired commuters often rest their heads against windows,” reads the text in the video. “Suddenly a voice inside their head is talking to them. No one else can hear this message.” Because that wouldn’t make the average person run screaming for mental help.

Ominously, the technology is called bone conduction. All we have to say about this is please don’t get any ideas, MTA. Let your riders enjoy Candy Crush in peace without having ads for bleach transmitting through their frontal lobes.

[H/T Adweek]