Thanks to Google Glass, You Can Experience the Magic of a Trip to the Zoo as Newt Gingrich

He fed a cockatoo a treat.

Yesterday, as promised, future enthusiast and friend to animals in captivity Newt Gingrich took his Google Glass to a zoo in Peoria and filmed the experience. The magical moment was first announced on Twitter:

And now, he’s uploaded a video of his visit. It’s pretty short, and it seems like maybe Newt is still getting the hang of his new toy. (At one point you hear him say, “So in theory, we’re recording a giraffe.”) But it’s enough to allow you to experience the rapture of feeding a cockatoo named Bibi as Newt Gingrich. Also, as we predicted, he does in fact take the opportunity to creepshot a giraffe:

Good first effort, Newt, but next time we request more cuddling with lion cubs: