The Chillest, Most High-Tech 7-Eleven Has Free Wi-Fi and an Amazon Locker

Peak chill.

A 7-Eleven without the vibessss. (Photo: Wikimedia)

A 7-Eleven without the vibessss. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Attention FiDi denizens: If that fancy Duane Reade containing a salad bar is too New York Times trend piecey for you, a high-tech 7-Eleven also wants you to know that it too can disrupt the hell out of the convenience mart industry. A recently opened outpost at the corner of John and Pearl Streets has a flat-screen TV, complimentary Wi-Fi and an Amazon Locker for whoever uses that.

If your head isn’t already spinning off your neck because of how groundbreaking this is, there’s more: the new 7-Eleven also has beer tap-style beverage dispensers and touch-screen ordering monitors so the only time you have to open your big mouth is to slurp down a Big Gulp.

DNAInfo talked to one area resident who agreed that the monitors are a great addition so she doesn’t “have to talk to employees” because, ugh, gross! Another person said it feels different from other 7-Elevens, likely because it doesn’t smell like cat piss or have a resident homeless person sleeping outside.

A 7-Eleven official said they just wanted to create the chillest and most high-tech vibe:

“I want to make sure that people want to come back,” the employee said. “We want to make it everyone’s neighborhood store — that’s the idea.”

Who wants to meet us at 7-Eleven to surf the net and look for the coolest of Web logs?