The Latest Cry Against San Francisco’s Techie Gentrifiers Will Be Stuck in Your Head Forever

"Gentrify me, gentrify me, gentrify my love!"

Fierce. (screencap)

Fierce. (screencap)

There has been much back and forth about whether the tech boom is completely transforming San Francisco, lots of it earnest and deadly serious. So at least “Google Google Apps Apps,” a new screw-you to gentrifiers from drag performer Persia and Daddie$ Pla$tik (via Nat King), is super catchy and has a real nutty music video.

“Techies, take the Mission! Techies, gentrify me! Gentrify me, gentrify me, gentrify my love,” Persia and her compatriots chant as they dance against a series of images lifted from–where else?–Google StreetView.

When they originally released the song back in May, Persia explained its origins to the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

“Lately, the Black Glitter Collective (a group of artists and homies I’m in) have all been facing troubling life events; from couch surfing to having problems with our landlords, to losing jobs, having work hours cuts, moving to the East Bay, etc. So, as Daddies Plastik performed their last song, I wrote down lyrics on my phone. I wanted the song to be silly and in your face.”

Hence: “Moving to the East Bay, living life the broke way, SF keep your money–FUCK YOUR MONEY!”

We cannot wait to see what Hacker News will have to say about this. Until then, good luck getting this out of your head:

(h/t Kate Beaton)