Very Busy Australian Man Created a Keyboard Symbol for “The” to Make Texting More Confusing


Sure. (Photo: YouTube)

Sure. (Photo: YouTube)

Guess it’s time to take the word “the” out back and shoot it. That’s what bored Australian man Paul Mathis is planning to do with the creation of a new symbol (“Ћ”) to replace the clunky, long-winded, difficult-to-type article.

Mr. Mathis told the Sydney Morning Herald that it’s totally not fair that the word “and” has its own symbol despite the fact that “the,” which is the most used word in the English, doesn’t. He argues that petitioning for Ћ to become a regularly used symbol is going to make life so much more efficient.

“The main functionality of this is in the texting space,” he says. Typing the symbol he has devised with a single keystroke will save time and – crucially, in the context of Twitter – two characters,” said Mr. Mathis

And you’ll never guess how the (Ћ?) Ћ came to be: it’s the result of merging a capital T with half of a lowercase h to create what appears to be the most uncomfortable little chair. He’s also plunked down $75,000 of his own money to develop the typography and an app that implants Ћ into people’s keyboards.

Ћ app is available in the Google Play store for free, but so far Apple has rebuffed it; the company claimed that apps are usually “engaging and exciting, enabling users to do something they couldn’t do before.” Plus, it modifies Apple’s keyboard.

We could really use a symbol for TBH, tbh, if this doesn’t work out.