A Third of Americans Respond to Computer Problems With Yelling, Obscenities and Even Punches

Real healthy, you guys.



For shame: A recent survey suggests that it’s actually quite common to respond to computer problems with vulgarities and even physical abuse.

Americans turning to violence and obscenities? Never.

Hot Hardware reports on the results of a Harris Interactive study commissioned by Crucial, which found that 36 percent of respondents who’ve recently dealt with computer problems “admit to lashing out at their PC by using vulgar language, screaming, shouting, and even punching it or using an object to beat down the insolent machine.”

In fact the numbers indicate that we’re all in terrible toxic relationships with these dumb machines:

“Some 65 percent of those surveyed said that computer problems have left them frustrated, followed by feeling angry (10 percent), helpless (10 percent), and even victimized (4 percent).

‘We’ve become so dependent on our computers and think of them as helpful partners, making it that much more painful when they betray us at the worst possible time,’ said Roddy McLean, Crucial.com e-Commerce Marketing Manager.”

Maybe that’s something you should be working out in therapy? Just a thought.