And We Thought Facebook’s Sports Fans Were Annoying: Social Network Now Courts Gamers

Surely Lana Del Rey will have something to warble about this.


Because gamers bring the green, apparently (Photo:

Just when that last Farmville fan’s pathetic updates have disappeared from your news feed, Facebook today announced the launch of a software kit that will allow programmers to create three-dimensional games for the social network.

The software works with Unity, a platform used by developers to create games, USA Today reports. Facebook hopes to use games with “action and first-person shooters” to target users’ wallets, analysts say.

Gaming revenue in North America, which includes smartphones, tablets and PCs, “is forecast to rocket from $7.9 billion last year to $10.5 billion by 2015,” USA Today reports, so yes, it would appear there is tons of dough in the gaming industry.

George Lee, Facebook’s product manager of platform growth and revenue, is quoted as saying he feels “really bullish in this area,” which we guess is a good thing. Facebook, we have only one request, which you surely won’t heed: please don’t put notifications of dorks’ gaming progress in our news feeds. Pleasepleaseplease.