App Creators Want You to Send Them Pics of Your Boobs, For Science

Seems legit.

(Photo: ThirdLove)

(Photo: ThirdLove)

Scientists. When they’re not busy creating glow-in-the-dark rabbits or telling you you’re ugly, they’re tackling some of the world’s most complex problems, like which boob harness is right for you.

Fast Company reports that a new startup called ThirdLove is using technology developed by a NASA scientist to determine a woman’s proper bra size. And unlike the uppity Victoria’s Secret employees, with their cold hands and tut-tutting demeanor, the app doesn’t need anything from you but two boob selfies (you can wear a tanktop!), which frankly you probably already have stored in your camera roll anyway.

The app reportedly uses “several methods of advanced computer vision, body modeling, and machine learning” to examine two photos of your bust–one taken from the front and one from the side–to virtually figure out what your bra size is. Then it creates your own personalized store curated with products that will supposedly fit your boobs perfectly.

Of course, there is that whole sneaky part about having to send pictures of your tank-top clad boobs out into the ether, but Fast Company assures us that the team behind ThirdLove is legit and will only be using those pics for good instead of evil. So your boobshots are ostensibly safe…until the app gets hacked, of course.