Assembly candidate charges Hoboken Mayor Zimmer with ‘ethnic cleansing’ in lawsuit

On the same week Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer kicked off her re-election effort, the virtual assemblyman-elect in LD 33 took aim at her in a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey.

Head of the local Housing Authority, Carmelo Garcia alleges that Zimmer and her allies tried to buffalo him in his official capacity into taking their side in a political theater of war that boiled down to yuppies versus Hispanics.

Garcia in his lawsuit says the mayor wanted him to aid and abet the eradication of Hispanics in Hoboken and replace them with yups.

“Mayor Zimmer’s version of the Vision 20/20 project was essentially an ethnic cleansing initiative in which Mayor Zimmer… sought to replace Hoboken’s minorities with white affluent voters,” the suit alleges. “By increasing the number of whites in Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer sought to increase her political base among the new guard. Mayor Zimmer did not generally enjoy the support of Hoboken’s minorities.”

Zimmer says hogwash.

But Garcia said as part of the mayor’s scheme to gain political power in Hoboken, she and her chief of staff implemented an unwritten policy of political patronage to reward her supporters through government contracts, employment benefits and other tangible and government privileges.

“In May 2012, Mayor Zimmer sought to implement her ethnic cleansing plan, and rewarding her political supporters, by taking control of the HHA Board and thereby exerting control over the day-to-day operations… To carry out her scheme… Zimmer… resorted to a pattern of harassment, threats, intimidation and extortion.”

Included in his allegations is Garcia’s assertion that HHA Board Chairman Jake Stuvier approached Garcia with instructions from the mayor to give a government contract to a “particular law firm, which is politically connected to Mayor Zimmer.”

“In furtherance of her scheme to replace the old guard, Mayor Zimmer sought to promote individuals to government positions who were mostly white and whom, directly or indirectly endorsed her political views and policies,” said Garcia, who said he felt punished when he wouldn’t cooperate.

Garcia is on the November ballot on the line with incumbent state Sen. Brian P. Stack (D-33).

Zimmer is running in the November re-election against challenger Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (D-33).

“Sadly, the fact is, Mr. Garcia invited my husband to lunch, taped him, and tried to trick him into saying something that he could then use to try and extort me in my capacity as mayor,” Zimmer said in a statement. “Since my husband is an honest and honorable man, and Mr. Garcia is not, the only person incriminated on the tape is Mr. Garcia.”

Assembly candidate charges Hoboken Mayor Zimmer with ‘ethnic cleansing’ in lawsuit