Bang With Friends Is Back in the App Store, But Now It’s Just Called ‘Down’

Like that's fooling anyone.

u down bb? (photo: BWF)

u down bb? (photo: BWF)

Three months ago, Bang with Friends got booted from the App Store for being just plain salacious. But today brings good news for those of you iPhone users desperate for the dirty (unless you’ve already moved on to Tinder): TechCrunch reports that the service is available once more for download, though it’s been renamed the decidedly more generic “Down.”

You know, as in DTF.

Of course, the app isn’t so crass as to say so. Perish the thought! Instead, they’ve scrubbed the sexy old welcome page and tweaked the button so you indicate whether you’re “down to hang.” (Wink, wink.)

The newly prim version is clearly designed, in part, to get the app back into the lovely, pure and true atmosphere of Apple’s store. And yes, it does give the startup a little wiggle room if it ever sees fit to crawl out of the gutter.

But we can’t help wondering whether the decision was due in part to Zynga’s decision to sue the company for laying its mitts on the words “With Friends.”

In the raunchier world of Android, though, the service remains “Bang with Friends.”