Bill de Blasio Is Having a Nice Day in the Press

The national website this evening. this evening.

“As many learned in May, he lives in Park Slope with his multiracial family, and talks a lot about inequality.”

So noted a New Republic story this evening on Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s sudden surge in the polls.

The piece was glowingly entitled, “New Yorkers Have Fallen in Love With a Mayoral Candidate.”

As Mr. de Blasio’s campaign was quick to note as well, the national page of The Huffington Post–one of the most popular left-leaning news sites around–featured the Democratic hopeful under the headline “PROGRESSIVE SURGES IN NYC.” And even the right–leaning Drudge Report took note with its own take on the headline: “Lefty surges in NYC Mayor’s race.”

Mr. de Blasio was starring even before the new poll broke. The New Yorker prominently featured a speech Mr. de Blasio gave in April while touting his agenda as “the most ambitious proposals of any candidate in the race” and The Washington Post ran a de Blasio item from Katrina vanden Heuvel called “A populist insurgency in New York City.”

(That’s without even going into positive coverage from The New York Times in recent days, a rare endorsement from The Nation and on down the list.)

To top it all, “de Blasio” is currently trending on Twitter.

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