Bill de Blasio Mulls New Campaign Slogan: ‘Not a Boring White Guy’

Bill de Blasio and Cynthia Nixon on Piers Morgan Live last night

Bill de Blasio and Cynthia Nixon on Piers Morgan Live last night.

After spending the evening phone-banking with actor Steve Buscemi, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio stopped by CNN’s Piers Morgan Live last night with Sex and the City alum Cynthia Nixon to discuss his mayoral bid.

After prompting a glowing endorsement from Ms. Nixon, Mr. Morgan quickly turned to a video of Mr. de Blasio’s daughter, Chiara, in which she proudly proclaims her dad is not “some boring white guy.”

Mr. Morgan, visibly amused, recommended the campaign change its slogan to “Not a Boring White Guy” for a guaranteed win.

“We’re going to follow your advice and print hundreds of thousands [of fliers] tonight!” Mr. de Blasio jokingly agreed.

Ms. Nixon, who praised Mr. de Blasio as “a real profound thinker” and somebody who has been “fighting in the trenches for public schools and for public school funding” for years, also weighed in on one of Mr. de Blasio’s rivals, the scandal-scarred Anthony Weiner, who is now polling at the bottom on the pack.

“The subtle charms of Anthony Weiner haven’t appealed to you?” asked Mr. Morgan, mischievously.

“Not so far,” Ms. Nixon responded.

“Don’t hold your breath, Piers,” added the candidate.

Watch a clip here:

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