Booting Up: Time Warner Thinks Sky-High Game of Thrones Piracy Rates Are Better Than an Emmy

Going private? (Photo: Lionsdenu)

Going private? (Photo: Lionsdenu)

BlackBerry is reportedly exploring the idea of going private in search of a turnaround. “There is a change of tone on the board,” one person said. [Reuters]

We scoffed at the idea Google Glass could cost just $299, but thanks to the cost of materials, it could be a reality. [GigaOM]

HBO is totally flattered that you’re pirating Games of ThronesSo much so that Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes lauded everyone for making it the Internet’s most illegally downloaded show saying “that’s better than Emmy.” [The Verge]

ZuckerPAC has a new ad for his ad lobby outfit It’s an uplifting sixty second spot that shows an undocumented immigrant’s life story. [AllThingsD]

Here’s your daily think piece regarding Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post. [New Republic]