Booting Up: Twitter Has a PAC and Here Comes the Hyperloop

(Photo: HTC)

(Photo: HTC)

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop plans are due to drop today. [BBC]

Twitter has hired a lobbyist and formed a PAC. [Washington Post]

LAX is the most checked-in place on Facebook. Airports dominate the top 10, except for Disneyland (no. 7) and Times Square (no. 10), which is no surprise to anyone trying to cross 42nd Street. [Skift]

God bless HTC’s marketing department for thinking an ad campaign starring Robert Downey Jr. and a cat can pull the company out of its nosedive. [Engadget]

“Can the Minerva Project do to Ivy League universities what Amazon did to Borders?” Keep dreaming. [Wall Street Journal]

Here’s audio of Tim Armstrong seemingly firing a man for taking his picture mid-layoffs. [Romenesko]