Brooklyn Hipsters Now Literally Just Living in Filthy Dumpsters (Video)

What's the price per square foot? (HGTV)

What’s the price per square foot? (HGTV)

HGTV, your home for home design television, has started to bite off the TLC model of slipping in voyeuristic freakshow programming into their lineup. No, it’s not quite Honey Boo Boo level yet, but the show You Live in What?? hardly falls under the expertise of a network that calls itself “Home & Garden Television.”

Especially when whole segments are dedicated to a Brooklyn man whose “portable dumpster” (as if there is any other kind of dumpster?) lifestyle is pretty much indicative of how the rest of America already views the borough’s real estate options.

This was the inevitable step after dumpster diving, wasn’t it?

“Pretty soon, we can all be living in dumpsters, free of bedbugs and without 5-14 roommates!”- Headline of hypothetical memo sent around to residents of Bushwick’s McKibbin Lofts.