Browser Plugin Makes Cyberbullies Talk Like Care Bears


"What a load of old sparkles, it doesn't even work for kitten glittering." (Screengrab:

“What a load of old sparkles, it doesn’t even work for kitten glittering.” (Screengrab:

The Internet is sometimes full of words so dirty they’d make your drunk uncle blush, but a British energy drink company has created a tool that takes curse words and changes them pink lemonade.

The plugin works with Chrome and Safari, “and was inspired by the torrent of abuse directed to magazine GQ after they ran a series of One Direction covers,” The Daily Mail reports.

It takes bad words like — well, use your imagination — and transforms them into sickly sweet nouns and verbs. Here’s a sample review of the plugin, that’s been scrubbed sparkly clean: “What a load of old SPARKLES, it doesn’t even work for KITTEN GLITTERING, i mean take a look at those dirty fudge packers for instance and what about those SCRUMPTIOUS one is a pack of CUPCAKE”.

Obviously it’s not foolproof, having missed quite the mal mot in the above passage, but the effect is pretty amusing. It’s available at the V-Hab energy drink website, for those who want their Internet experience to be no GLITTERING fun.