Celebrate Labor Day by Cyber-Stalking Your Ex With This Handy New Program

Because sometimes looking at their Instagram pics and trying to place the surroundings just isn't reliable enough.

(Photo: India Current Affairs)

(Photo: India Current Affairs)

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have offered users the ability to tag their locations with each new post for a while now–and one group of researchers has created a tool that will allow people to use that information to their advantage by stalking the shit out of friends and arch nemeses alike.

The researchers say the point of the “Ready or Not” program is to point out to #teens that, duh dummies, people can read your geotags and follow you around simply by entering your username into an online program, according to Gigaom.

One researcher, Gerald Friedland, “pointed to a 2011 survey of convicted burglars … in which 78 percent said they believe thieves are using social media to target properties where no one is home,” Gigaom reports, and a recent study shows that it’s possible to track down anonymous account holders on online services.

Mr. Friedland and his group target high schoolers with their Teaching Privacy program, to make sure the youths understand that they’re leaving a trace-able trail with all those selfies. We have a feeling people will end up using “Ready or Not” to figure out just where their cheapskate exes are taking their new paramours. Sign us up.