Christine Quinn Goes for Compassion in Second TV Spot

A scene from the ad. (Photo: YouTube)

A scene from the ad. (Photo: YouTube)

Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s mayoral campaign released its second television commercial this morning–and it tacks in a different direction from the first.

Instead of Ms. Quinn touting her various policy initiatives while proclaiming herself the candidate of the middle class, the new ad features Levia Preito, whose 24-year-old son passed away while waiting for insurance coverage.

Ms. Preito praises Ms. Quinn for helping pass “Manny’s Law” in her son’s honor. “Because of Christine Quinn, Manny didn’t die in vain,” Ms. Preito narrates. “I love her for that.”

The spot pulls from one of the Quinn campaign’s previously-released “online testimonials” that touts her compassionate side. Ms. Quinn is often seen as–and indeed brags about–being tough and “pushy.”

Although the press release announcing the ad buy does not detail the exact expenditure, the purchase is alternatively described as “major” and “significant.”

Watch below: