Cool New iPad Gadget Forces Helpless Employees to Pay Attention During Training Videos

Shock therapy is sold separately.

Are we having fun yet? (Photo: YouTube)

Are we having fun yet? (Photo: YouTube)

An online training company has figured out a way to make those torturous employee training video sessions even more reminiscent of a scene from Zero Dark Thirty.

Mindflash said this week it’s created a really neat feature for iPads that tracks people’s eyes. When it senses their eyes shifting from the screen, it conveniently pauses the video so it refocuses the user, who is probably already being held against their will, to pay attention.

The trainers who use the technology don’t receive data of how often their eyes drifted away during the exciting portions of their video, like telling the customer that they’re always right.

CEO Donna Wells told Bloomberg that this is totally not a form of torture that could violate several agreements developed during the Geneva Convention. “Our focus is making sure trainees get all the information they need to do their jobs well, not penalizing learners,” she said.

Sure, Donna. *gives her the side eye but is immediately shocked*