Cops Now Ordering 3D Printers Just to See What They Can Do

Seems like way more fun than issuing traffic violations.

Working on it. (Photo: screencap)

Working on it. (Photo: screencap)

Is there anyone, at this point, who doesn’t have a 3D printer lying somewhere around their office? GigaOm reports that cops in Germany are purchasing one, so they can explore for themselves how the technology could be used to create handguns, though if 3D-printed tchotchkes also start showing up on the Cop Selfies Tumblr, well, who can blame them?

GigaOm says:

“The purchase of the printer by the German authorities came as a response to a parliamentary question posed by Die Linke (The Left party). The government said the police wanted to see whether ne’er-do-wells could actually make plastic guns that could be smuggled onto planes, and also whether the police might find a use for such technology themselves.”

They’re not the first, either. Authorities in Australia tried making their own Liberator (the gun, not the sex pillow) and warned that the results were doubly dangerous. “Make no mistake they will kill at both ends,” a New South Wales police commissioner told the International Business Times, adding that, “Being on either end of this weapon can be lethal.”

God knows what uses the NYPD would come up with.