Don’t Worry About Funding Because Domino’s Is Willing to ‘Pizzavest’ in Your Startup

Move over VCs.

Mmm, pizza. (Photo: Domino's Pizza)

Mmm, pizza. (Photo: Domino’s Pizza)

When startups are spending their money on treadmill desks, fancy offices and nap pods, it’s hard for them to scrounge up extra cash to afford all those free lunches. So Domino’s Pizza has this neat, new idea to help feed those hungry employees starving at their desks while trying to figure out why the app won’t open.

The pizza chain is launching a campaign called “Pizzavestments” that will supply 30 startups with $500 gift cards. The gift cards won’t be emailed. Instead, they’ll arrive at your spacious loft in a case enclosed with a letter and certificate signed by Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle.

Domino’s is also awarding creators of successfully funded Indiegogo projects with gift cards in another campaign called “Powered by Pizza.” The hashtag for those groaning at home is #poweredbypizza if you wish to spread your brand awareness on social media.

Your move, Pepcid AC.

(Via Ad Age)