Find the Melinda to Your Bill: Introducing Betabeat Singles

flat iron nyc4 Find the Melinda to Your Bill: Introducing Betabeat SinglesJust because you spend a startling slice of your waking life glued to a screen doesn’t mean you want a computer making complex decisions for you–particularly when it comes to your love life. Most dating enterprises operate upon sophisticated algorithms designed to match people with similar interests, but what’s lost in that digital approach is the ineffable human aspect to matchmaking, someone to look you both in the eye and make an informed match that will send so many sparks flying you’ll feel like you’re in an animated GIF posted to a teen girl’s Tumblr.

Introducing Betabeat Singles, a partnership between Betabeat and dating startup Tawkify that wants to help you find a partner to be cryogenically frozen next to. Or, at the very least, we’ll help you turn ones and zeroes into 69s and i<3us.

With this new partnership we aim to bring the sharp-witted, tech astute readers of Betabeat together with the experienced matchmakers of Tawkify, which is helmed by legendary Elle dating columnist E. Jean Carroll. By answering a few quick questions about what you’re looking for (Someone to sext with? Someone to get into the Vows column with?), we’ll hook you up with a hip, experienced matchmaker who will help find you someone you’ll actually like.

Welcome to Betabeat Singles: the coolest solution to the painfully uncool problem of finding someone to love online. Hey, it’s better than a sex robot.