Gamers Now So Lonely They’re Baking Real Cakes for Their Pretend Video Game Girlfriends

And then crying as they house the entire thing. Alone.

Crack that whip (Screengrab:

Crack that whip (Screengrab:

If you thought the idea of a gamer sitting at home and wooing a virtual girlfriend was sad, get a load of this: a video game called Hate Plus requires players to bake a real, live cake for their “girlfriends” in order to move up a level–and at least 80 people have actually done it.

In the game, created by Christine Love, players can advance a level each time they do something nice for their pretend lady friends, Kotaku reports. At one point, the girlfriend asks the player to bake a cake for a celebration, and actually times the player to make sure he isn’t lying about making the cake.

“Um… that wasn’t enough time to go get the ingredients you need!” she whines. “Please actually get up from the computer, and go look in the kitchen, please!”

She even provides two recipes. If you want to advance to the next level, Kotaku says, you can’t just wait 40 minutes and pretend it’s done–you have to actually bake a cake and mail it to Ms. Love. Incredibly, the developer has already received 80 photos of cakes from whipped gamer boyfriends.

But hey, at least this is getting gamers up and moving around the house?