GIFHell Proves Twitter’s ID Is Dominated Largely By One Direction

Story of the Internet's life.



Good news: There’s now a way to see inside the fluttering heart of Twitter. Bad news: You’ll find mostly barely legal hunks, randomness, and the occasional spot of porn.

Over the weekend, AllThingsD reports, developer/Redditor Adam Wentz created as a weekend project. It draws on Twitter’s API to produce a never-ending flood of GIFs, whichever are the most popular on the service at any given moment.

Naturally, it reflects the usual ebb and flow of the Internet. On a day like today there’s Justin Bieber and One Direction and NSFW and other odds and ends.

But a gander at the list of the all-time most popular (which only dates from the past weekend) demonstrates that whenever everyone on Twitter gathers around the TV and starts watching the VMAs, you get mostly Rihanna reaction shots. Which, let’s face it, is all anyone cares about, so let’s all give a big round of applause for the man who just disrupted the necessity of watching this ludicrous display every year.