Grow Your Own Edible Bugs and Solve the World Hunger Crisis

The food trend poised to overtake the Cronut

I could totes go for some larvae right now

I could totes go for some larvae right now

The United Nations predicts that by 2050, the Earth’s population will reach 9.6 billion. Even though we’re getting really good at force-feeding factory farmed cows—and even growing test-tube burgers—we’re still going to need a lot more meat if we’re going to want to feed ourselves. Enter Farm 432 with a solution: forget those damned cows; grow your own bugs instead.

As Fast Company reported today, Farm 432 is a bug-breedin’ contraption conceived by Austrian industrial designer Katharina Unger. In a large clear incubator, lucky users can harvest black soldier fly eggs and watch them turn into larvae protein, which are positively delicious when cooked into a warm rice dish with a sprig of parsley on top, according to Ms. Unger’s blog.

Ms. Unger also writes:

“By 2050 meat production will have to increase by 50%. Considering that we already use one third of croplands for the production of animal feed, we will have to look for alternative food sources and alternative ways of growing it. Farm 432 enables people to turn against the dysfunctional system of current meat production by growing their own protein source at home. After 432 hours, 1 gram of black soldier fly eggs turn into 2.4 kilogram of larvae protein, larvae that self-harvest and fall clean and ready to eat into a harvest bucket.”

Apparently, 10kg of feed could either produce 1kg of beef, 3kg of pork—or 9 KG OF INSECT MEAT. So what are you waiting for, you crazy, inefficient food-wasting asshole? Get your hands on a Farm 432 and start eating bugs today. According to Ms. Unger, the larvae are “Yum!”

Gross or not, it’s still probably better than going vegan.

Here’s how Farm 432 works:

And here’s the video of Ms. Unger eating bugs that you definitely didn’t ask for: