Here, Watch Julian Assange Lip Sync About the Australian Election in a Mullet

Happy Monday.

(Screengrab: YouTube)

Oh, sure. (Screengrab: YouTube)

Please divert your musical attention span from Miley Cyrus’s tongue to the latest clip from would-be reggaeton superstar Julian Assange.

In it, he makes a cameo appearance on Australia’s pretty-embarrassing “Rap News.” Decked out in a mullet wig, coolin in the Ecuadorian embassy, he lip-syncs about freedom of information and whatnot.

“We have the chance to turn the pages over,” he (well, his vocal double) sings. “We can write what we want to write. We gotta make things leak so we can get much bolder.”

Basically, here’s what we took from this video: the Australian election is kind of nuts; we’re jealous of the country’s ability to jokingly whip out the c-word and not fly into a tailspin of fury stemming from sexual repression; and the Ecuadorian embassy seems pretty chill. Watch below.

(h/t The Daily Dot)