Hey Not to Alarm You But Groupon Is Selling Out on Lady Pee Funnels

Never squat again!

In such feminine colors, too!

In such feminine colors, too!

Ever find yourself wondering, on a slow Thursday afternoon, what Groupon’s up to these days? Well, here’s an update, courtesy of ABC News: The site is currently running a deal on P EZ travel urinals for the ladies, though really it would be better described as a pee funnel.

P EZ? Get it?

Groupon explains:

Avoid unsanitary seats at the facilities of a festival, sporting event, or campground. After it’s sanitized, the hygienic accessory can be stored discreetly within a bag or conspicuously atop one’s head.

And it’s selling faster than a pair of Wet Wipes at Bonnaroo, too, according to ABC News; more than a thousand have been sold, and there are “limited quantities” available. There’s bad news, though, if you’d like buy in bulk: ”Limit 3 per person, may buy 2 more as gifts,” the product page warns. You get two mobile pissiors for just $7.99–a 64 percent discount from the list price of $22!–plus $2.99 shipping and handling.

They are reusable, and the manufacturer is called “Lady Elegance.” So if you’re looking for bridesmaids gifts, you’re welcome.