John McAfee Keeps it Weird with New Video Mostly About the Dangers of Keeping a Harem

"You're probably asking yourself why you're wasting time watching this crap."

The man himself. (screencap)

The man himself. (screencap)

It seems John McAfee has thoroughly settled into the under-employed swing of things in his adopted Portlandia. Today, Laughing Squid reports, he released another bizarre, semi-professionally produced YouTube video.

Admittedly, it’s tame compared to the last one. But make no mistake, between the soothing classical music and awkward green screen it’s still pretty weird. 

For instance, Mr. McAfee devotes much of the video to outlining the struggles of keeping a harem: “The constant bickering, jealous and demands for attention” when all seven of his “girlfriends” were in his house, “reached such an extreme… that oftentimes I considered tying a boat anchor around my waist and walking off my pier.”

But he isn’t just offering up hard-earned pearls of wisdom from his own life–“You’re probably asking yourself why you’re wasting time watching this crap,” he says at one point.

The real purpose of this video is to tease an opportunity to channel your creative energies. He’s going to release a bunch of clips from an unfinished skit about the “McAfee School of Badass,” and welcomes his… fans? followers? to “change it, add to it, make a music video out of it, make a video game, run the scenes backwards, change my words, anything you like.”

So if you’re looking for a great way to waste your Labor Day weekend, you’re welcome.

And thus concludes the latest update from the Ghost of Silicon Valleys Past: