Kardashians Star and Self-Proclaimed Rich Kid of Instagram Attacked for Photo of $500K Watch


Sweet watch bro, mind if I take a look? (Photo: Instagram)

Sweet watch bro, mind if I take a look? (Photo: Instagram)

Jonathan Cheban—everyone’s seventeenth favorite recurring character on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”—was reportedly attacked during lunch at a super expensive Southampton restaurant after Instagramming a photo of his $500,000 watch.

The photo was captioned “I think I overdressed my wrist today with my@jacobandco …22 karat’s is a bit much for daytime LOL cc @richkidsofinstagramm.”

Soon after, according to The Post, “a guy came over and started asking some questions…Jonathan was very friendly. But then the guy grabbed Jonathan . . . and tried to steal his half-million-dollar watch! Jonathan fought back to stop him, and he pushed Jonathan to the floor.” A friend of Mr. Cheban’s (who is not Kim Kardashian, though did you guys know he’s friends with Kim Kardashian?–like, really good friends) told The Post that Mr. Cheban wasn’t hurt, and would not be pressing charges, although “his wrist got banged up.”

In case you were wondering, the would-be-thief reportedly determined Mr. Cheban’s location based on the photo of lobster salad Mr. Cheban had Instagrammed moments before the watch shot.

We hope Mr. Cheban’s watch–the true victim in this story–wasn’t permanently damaged in the skirmish.