Morning Links: John McEnroe Edition

McEnroe. (Courtesy Bruno Fahy/AFP/Getty Images)

McEnroe. (Courtesy Bruno Fahy/AFP/Getty Images)

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts hopes to raise $22 million to $28 million for its acquisitions endowment by selling Edward Hopper’s 1934 painting East Wind Over Weehawken. [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

“Churches in remote towns in Bolivia and Peru are increasingly becoming targets of brazen robberies, the Associated Press reports, with thieves tunneling under walls or lacing the parishioners’ meals with tranquilizers to steal while they sleep.” [Los Angeles Times]

John McEnroe won a ruling that returns to his possession a $2 million Gorky sold by disgraced dealer Lawrence Salander without his knowledge. [NYP via AMM]

“The Brooklyn Museum missed out on acquiring a prized African sculpture—all because it was five days late in responding to a stickler donor’s deadline, DNAinfo New York has learned.” [DNA Info]

Apparently there’s a Franco Foundation “which protects the reputation of the so-called Generalissmo?” Anyway, they sued an artist who made a stupid jokey piece about him. And the artist won, which seems logical. [The Art Newspaper]

Here’s Anthony Lane on 19th-century photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, who has a show at the Met right now. Fun fact: When Alfred, Lord Tennyson, refused to take the smallpox vaccine, Cameron shouted at him from the bottom of his stairs, “You’re a coward, Alfred, a coward!” [The New Yorker]

Grayson Perry’s in The New Yorker also. [The New Yorker; subscription required]

Pretty awesome interview: “Mike Kelley: Being an artist, the avant-garde, Frank Zappa.” [ABAB and via @gregorg]

Paulina Olowska at Kunsthalle Basel. [CAD]