Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

The Times is running out of euphemisms when it comes to writing about Weiner. After avoiding the word “slutbag” earlier this week, an article about Camp Hillary Clinton relationship with Camp Weiner described a phone call between the mayoral candidate and Ms. Clinton’s spokesperson: “He was enraged and proceeded to berate Mr. Weiner, saying he would ‘reach through this phone’ and ‘pull out’ his throat, adding an expletive, according to a participant on the call.” (The New York Times)

Luke Russert: old D.C. journalists love him and young D.C. journalists (mostly) love to hate him. (The New Republic)

Hollywood Life editor in chief Bonnie Fuller, the woman who doesn’t know how to Bcc, handwrites her column and makes interns type it up. (The Daily News)

Brian Williams will take a break from the anchor desk to recover from knee surgery. (Huffington Post)

“We’re making good progress and are on track with the strategic growth initiatives,” Times CEO Mark Thompson said yesterday on a second-quarter earnings conference call. Mr. Thompson announced that the Times will roll out new digital initiatives in the next few months, but was vague on details. (Capital)