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(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

Post associate editor and legendary investigative journalist Bob Woodward had already been repositioned at a new staff position in one of Amazon’s main warehouses just outside of Seattle.” Even The Onion has a story about Washington Post‘s surprise sale to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. (The Onion)

But just because the Post sold doesn’t mean it will be easy for The New York Times to do the same. (Bloomberg)

Or does it? (The Washington Post)

The UK’s “No More Page 3 in The Sun” campaign (“because boobs aren’t news”) is gaining momentum. (The Guardian)

Scheduling changes at CNN: more Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer and a 6:30 Crossfire. (The Huffington Post)

A rise in digital subscriptions offers a glimmer of hope for magazine circulation numbers. (WWD)


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