Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

Are David Gregory’s Meet the Press days numbered after a ratings drop? Maybe.  “There is a rumor that Gregory could be replaced as a host,” An NBC network source told Page Six. But an NBC News spokesperson denied the rumors: “There is absolutely zero truth to this. David Gregory and ‘Meet the Press’ have the full faith and support of NBC News.” (The New York Post)

Eva Chen may be “the first editor in chief of our generation,” but can selfies and hashtags save Lucky? (The New York Times)

Get ready for news that seems more like it’s created by humans when CNN relaunches this fall. “People are often overwhelmed by our site, we have said it before but it sometimes seems like a machine that spits out breaking news,” CNN Digital senior VP KC Estenson said yesterday. “It needs to stop doing that, it needs to pay off like the real human beings that are creating this stuff.” (TV Newser)

Quartz, Atlantic media’s business site, beat The Economist in US web traffic. And The Financial Times better watch out. (Mashable)

Al Jazeera America is launching Tuesday (Tuesday!) but still faces obstacles like limited distribution and lingering bitterness. (Los Angeles Times)