Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

There’s a hefty package of New York Times-related stories on the website of The New Republic. It features a lengthy interview between New Republic editor-at-large Michael Kinsley and Times executive editor Jill Abramson, who says that, to her, “reading the print paper is still a richer experience,” among other interesting things. (New Republic)

The Today show is starting a monthly book club along the lines of Oprah’s. (New York Times)

Lauren Ashburn, Daily Download editor in chief and a former colleague of Howard Kurtz, has joined Fox News and Fox Business. (Huffington Post)

David Roberts, a writer for Grist, the online environmental news magazine, is taking a year-long break from technology to write a novel and spend more time with his family. “I am burnt the fuck out,” he says. (Grist)

Simon Dumenco writes that Rupert Murdoch’s 5% purchase of Vice Media “may end up being the most conservative media deal of the year.” (Ad Age)