Nerdblock Means You’ll Never Have to Leave the House for Light Sabers Again

It's Birchbox for people who vacation on Risa.

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

Shopping addicts and Betabeat readers alike are probably familiar with Birchbox, the shopping startup that periodically sends you boxes of trendy products. But what if you’re a proud geek, and aren’t interested in Blair Waldorf-inspired lipstick or vegan shit courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow? What if all you want—besides emerging victorious from your next WOW raid, of course—is to have a monthly box of “epic geek gear” delivered to your door?Nerdblock has you covered (but please never use the term “epic” again).

“Remember how exciting it used to be to open the mailbox?” asks a Nerdblock video on YouTube. “Receiving letters from friends and loved ones was always a treat. Now you dread opening the mail—nothing but bills and junk. Enough is enough! It’s time to take back the mail…Nerdblock is a monthly surprise package delivered right to your door, filled with all sort of nerdy collectibles for you to tear into.”

Because who wants to pause their Zelda game to go shopping in the physical world?

Each monthly Nerdblock package contains a limited edition nerd-themed T-shirt, as well as five or six “epic items” from brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Disney and Doctor Who. Nerdblock even promises your box will give you “a total nerdgasm,” like maybe even moreso than that girl dressed up as Lara Croft you met at last week’s cosplay convention.

Subscriptions for next month’s subscriptions—which demand a low low price of $19.99 plus shipping—are open now.