New Google Glass App Helps You Identify Your Crying Girlfriend’s Emotions

You won't need this to analyze our faces when we have heartburn.

Sension in action. (Photo: YouTube)

Sension in action. (Photo: YouTube)

What we’re looking forward to most about Google Glass’ impending invasion is solving problems we didn’t even know we even had. Like, deciphering people’s emotions.

A company called Sension is developing an app for the $1,500 device that “maps” the human face to detect what type of emotion the person Glass is trained on is exhibiting. Catalin Voss, who is just 18 years old, is the brains behind the project. He armed his fledgling startup with a team of Stanford graduates and “computer science legend” Steve Capps to build a search engine to collect human emotions.

Mr. Voss claims Sension could be used in a variety of ways, including calling people out for not paying attention (i.e. throwing up a quiz question when your mind wanders away from lecture) or for detecting health concerns, like autism and other related disorders. The company already has one paying customer — an unidentified educational software company.

Hopefully the app can help us decipher our friends’ faces when they curtly tell us something’s “fine.”