New Museum’s Upcoming ‘Privacy Gift Shop’ Will Sell You All the Counter Surveillance Gear You Crave

Any tin foil hats for sale?

Stylish anti-drone scarf. (Photo: New Museum)

Stylish anti-drone scarf. (Photo: New Museum)

With only 131 days left in the Christmas shopping season, time is ticking on what you’re going to get your favorite conspiracy theorist. Stop your worrying, because the New Museum Store’s forthcoming Privacy Gift Shop has all the “stealth wear” for the Drudge Report reader in every family.

Opening Aug. 28, clothing, gear and gadgets that hinder the surveillance of pesky devices like cell phones and drones will be available for purchase at the museum. The pop-up shop lasts until Sept. 22 and gifts will also be available for purchase online.

The items are created by artist Adam Harvey and fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield. We previously wrote about a cell phone case created by Mr. Harvey called the OFF Pocket, which blocks signals from accessing it, rendering it basically useless. Other gifts for sale include a slimming Anti-Drone Scarf that protects you from the unmanned aerial vehicles from killing you and a Metal Dollar Bill which easily slides into wallets to block RFID signals.

In a press release, Mr. Harvey wondered why an intelligence agency requested to publish his art works in a classified document. He explains:

“The result of that inquiry is the Privacy Gift Shop. It’s my vision to bring privacy and counter surveillance ideas to a wider audience and engage in discussions  about how art, design, and creativity can play a role in protecting privacy.”

Cool, but will there be any 10 cent postcards? We’re on a budget here.