Nissan Swears They’re Pretty Close to Creating Cars that Drive Themselves

Good, because frankly we're sick of doing it.



It’s about to get even easier to expend as little effort as possible to live your life, as Nissan has announced they should have commercially-viable self-driving vehicles by 2020.

Of course, a bunch of other car companies and Google are trying to create the same thing, but Nissan could have a proving ground in Japan completed by 2014, they say. 

The company’s engineers have been researching the technology for years, according to a release from Nissan, with smart people from MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Tokyo.

With Autonomous Drive, they’re hoping to tackle collision-avoidance and mobility for the elderly and disabled. Most importantly, Autonomous Drive would mean “less input from the driver” and time driving that “could be used more productively”–which obviously is code for “we really want to be able to text and drive safely.” Speed it up, Nissan, this sounds like the innovation of the century.