Nobody Knows Who’s Running for Public Advocate

The candidates for public advocate. (Screenshot: NBC4)

The candidates for public advocate. (Screenshot: NBC4)

It’s the position first in line to succeed the mayor, but the vast majority of voters have no idea who’s running.

Only 20 percent of likely Democratic primary voters were able to correctly name a single candidate running to be the city’s next public advocate, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. And of the few who said they could name a candidate, seven percent named someone who’s not actually in the running.

The poll did not ask Democrats to weigh in on their choices in the competitive race between City Councilwoman Tish James, State Senator Daniel Squadron, Girls Who Code Founder Reshma Saujani, educator Cathy Guerriero and civilian police employee Sidique Wai.

But there was some good news for the candidates; 64 percent of voters agreed the city needs the ombudsman-esque position, currently held by Bill de Blasio, and which has served as a frequent stepping stone to run for mayor.

“One Democratic voter in five can name a candidate for public advocate,” said pollster Maurice Carroll. “But among voters, in contrast to the People Who Talk About Politics, the job is popular. Black voters in particular, 82 percent, would keep it around.”