Not Every Newspaper Hates Eliot Spitzer

Some newspapers have strong feelings when it comes to Eliot Spitzer.

Some newspapers have strong feelings when it comes to Eliot Spitzer.

Newspaper editorial boards have not been especially kind to ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his return to politics.

The New York Times, New York Post and Daily News all enthusiastically endorsed rival Scott Stringer for comptroller last week, with the two tabloids using extensive editorial space–including their covers- to excoriate Mr. Spitzer over his gubernatorial record and infamous prostitution scandal.

But one Queens weekly, at least, is reversing the trend.

“This was not an easy decision, and it puts us at odds with all three of the city dailies that have endorsed in the race. But before you throw the paper across the room, hear us out,” the Queens Chronicle, pleaded this morning.

“This was going to be the Scott Stringer endorsement for the Democratic nomination for city comptroller,” the editorial reads. “But then we met with both candidates, Stringer last Friday and Spitzer on Monday. And, after much deliberation, we changed our minds.”

The paper argued that Mr. Spitzer, scandal included, is simply more qualified for the wonky responsibilities of the comptroller’s office.

“In our interview, Stringer said he would hire the best and brightest to advise him on investments,” it concluded. “Spitzer is the best and brightest. Despite the misgivings, it’s clear he’s the better candidate. Vote Spitzer on Sept. 10.”