One Day Your Skin Could Be Your Smartphone

Because treating your phone like an appendage isn't enough.

(Photo: Someya-Sekitani Group)

Cute (Photo: Someya-Sekitani Group)

We’re all such smartphone addicts at this point, a misplaced phone results in panic for most people under 30. Thankfully, a team of researchers are working to rectify the issue of temporary 3G loss by creating bionic skin that doubles as a smartphone.

The researchers, based in Tokyo, stumbled upon the cybernetic skin kind of by accident, Dvice reports. They were trying to create skin for robots that would allow them to feel pressure and temperature.

Ten years later, they’re looking to create skin that’s “one-tenth the thickness of cellophane and can bend, flex and crumple just as easily as the human body can, while maintaining the integrity of its circuits,” Dvice says.

The skin could host heart rate monitors, biomedical devices and, yes, Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as “embedded organic LEDs and smartphone-esque multitouch interfaces,” Dvice says. So in the future, we’ll be unable to pretend we never got that annoying email, because it will be arriving directly to our forearms. Sounds awesome.