Pat Kiernan Likes Peter Pan’s Apple Doughnuts

Pat Kiernan (photo: Patrick McMullan)

Pat Kiernan (photo: Patrick McMullan)

NY1’s Pat Kiernan and his family moved to Williamsburg from the Upper West Side last year, where they bought a brownstone on Bedford Street. And now, like many a recent transplant to the neighborhood, the Kiernans are all about the small town, Brooklyn vibe and ready to recommend some local favorite places a stones’ throw from the subway stop.

“When we’re driving home through Greenpoint, we always stop at Peter Pan Donuts,” the Canadian anchor told Time Out New York. “That is what a proper, fresh donut tastes like, compared to the ones at chains that manufacture them in one location and truck them to another. The girls like the double chocolate and I’m a fan of the apple variety.”

Does that mean that he likes the Greenpoint doughnut shop more than Tim Horton’s?

Other Kiernan family favorites include the soft chicken tacos from Tacos Morelos, a truck usually parked by the subway stop on Bedford and North 7th Street (they learned about it from the guys who renovated their house), the macaroni-and-cheese and Hawaiian slices at Vinnies (also on Bedford),  and the child-friendly Radegast Hall and Biergarten on North 3rd (the kids eat sausages on a roll and a big pretzels and make jokes, “like ‘this sausage is the wurst‘”).

The Kiernan girls, ages 9 and 11, also bike around a lot, take the ferry and watch NY1. “The girls watch me briefly in the morning when they get up, but Dawn limits their NY1 time so they can get ready for school,” Mr. Kiernan told TONY.

Other neighborhood haunts include the MacCaren pool, tennis court and Saturday Greenmarket and Smorgasburg, where they stock up on fresh bread.

Sounds like the Kiernans are fitting in to the neighborhood quite nicely. Next thing you know, they will be telling people that they liked Bedford before it got all cool.