Real Estate Writer Matt Chaban Heads to The Daily News

Matt Chaban (photo: Colby Hamilton)

Matt Chaban (photo: Colby Hamilton)

Matt Chaban left Crain’s for The Daily News, where he started this week as the real estate editor on the features desk. Mr. Chaban covered real estate for The New York Observer before leaving these salmon-colored pages for Crain’s New York in January.

Although the bow-tied reporter was only at Crain’s for a short amount of time, he had nothing but nice things to say about the publication. And this one. And his new one (he started yesterday).

“It was a really tough decision, too, since I was really happy at Crain’s, probably the greatest newsroom I’ve ever worked in–besides the Observer, of course, and the News, I’m sure,” he wrote in an email. “Big city tabloid journalism, right?”

The position was last occupied by Jason Sheftell, who shocked colleagues when he died earlier this summer.

“I wasn’t expecting the opportunity to become real estate editor at the Daily News,” Mr. Chaban said. “I mean, nobody was, since who could do that job besides Jason? He was so prolific and totally embodied the job, the beat, the city. It’s daunting taking over from him, and bittersweet, but what an opportunity.”

Real Estate Writer Matt Chaban Heads to <em>The Daily News</em>