Rupert Murdoch Gets Real Estate Advice From His Own Newspaper

Rupert Murdoch (photo via Twitter)

Rupert Murdoch (photo via Twitter)

Rupert Murdoch is buying a $28.8 million Los Angeles vineyard, reports The Wall Street Journal.  And guess where the News Corp chairman first read about the property? Why, in the pages of the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal.

“According to people familiar with the sale, Mr. Murdoch first learned about the vineyard from a story in The Wall Street Journal, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Guess Mr. Murdoch really does read the paper.

Moraga Vineyards, located in Bel Air, sure sounds nice: it is 13 acres, has a three bedroom, four bathroom, 7,500-square foot main house (with an octagonal dressing room!) and a two-bedroom, two-bathroom guest house right across the lawn. 

Mr. Murdoch actually went into contract in April and “announced the news via Twitter in May” (which made it quasi-official, we guess). But the sale took a while to finalize since Mr. Murdoch plans to continue producing wine. And just because you are Rupert Murdoch doesn’t mean that procuring a liquor license doesn’t take forever.

But the real question is: what else might strike Mr. Murdoch’s fancy after reading about it in one of his own newspapers.